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Starting a Small Business - Start-up Your Own Business - Company Formation
Starting a small business guidance, advice on how to start your own home or internet based business. Complete Business Start-up, company formation ser

Complete Business Start-up - About us-Starting a Small Business Resources
Complete Business Start-up provides information and resources on starting a small business, whether it is home or internet based. Practical advice on

Business Structures - Choosing a Business Entity and Structure
The options on the type of business structure include a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Each kind of business entity has its own benefits

Business Plans - Writing a Business Plan
Writing a business plan can provide focus and determine the viability of a strategy. Business Plans are also useful when seeking external finance and

Finance for a Start-up Business - Financial Information in a Business Plan
Financing is an important section of a business plan. It detailed the financial requirements of the new business and how much investors will be asked

Alliance and Leicester Business Start-up Banking
Alliance and Leicester has become a well known provider of business banking for start-ups. Their range of high interest current and deposit accounts h

Marketing - Starting a Small Business - Complete Business Start-up
Marketing is an important component of starting a business successfully. Planning a proper marketing campaign to ensure that potential customers are r

Starting an Internet Business - Start an Online Business
The success encountered when starting an internet business depends on several factors. To start an online business, payment facilities must be available

Starting a Home Based Business - Start-up Working from Home
Starting a home based business can have advantages compared to renting offices. The saving of travelling costs can make working from home the preferred

Company Formation and Registration - Setting up a Company - Incorporation
company formation and registration involves filling in online forms and submitting them for incorporation to Companies House. Setting up of a company

Accounting and Bookkeeping for a Small Start-up Business
Both small and large businesses need some form of accounting and bookkeeping system to record and display sales and purchase information relating to t

Business Zone - Complete Business Start-up
Business Zone is a general arena for decision making and informational tools to help managers evaluate and become aware of factors which might affect

Business Dictionary - Complete Business Start-up
Business Dictionary is a resource which explains common terms used when starting a business. It will seek in to increase the understanding and knowledge

Outside Help - Complete Business Start-up Resources
Outside Help is a section of external resources which might be of use to people starting their own business. Suggestions for additional resources for

Contact us - Complete Business Start-up
Complete Business Start-up encourages visitors to contact us. Feedback on any aspect of starting a small business is welcome, relating to either the w

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Enter a word or phrase in the site box below and then click on the search button. The results of the enquiry will be displayed after a few seconds. C

Site Map - Complete Business Start-up - Starting a Small Business
Complete Business Start-up site map provides access website pages which include information and resources on starting a small business.

Articles 1, Starting a Small Business - Start-up Your Own Business - Company Formation
Articles 1, Starting a small business guidance, advice on how to start your own home or internet based business. Complete Business Start-up, company f

Hidden Costs of Working From Home - Complete Business Start-up
There are hidden costs involved in working from home including the lack of human contact and the motivational affects on the small business. Whilst wo

Giving up Work When You Have a Family - Complete Business Start-up
Having a family prevents many entrepreneurs from giving up work and a steady income to start a new business. This article examines some of the issues

Choosing a Type of Business Entity
When choosing a type of business entity, security of personal assets, the tradition in the industry and whether a particular type of entity is require

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Did you know that company formations can be carried out entirely online without any need for paper or written signatures?