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Computerised Accounting Systems


Integration with Cash Flow and Other Programs

Most of today's computerised accounting systems offer integration options with other programs which perform related functions. This may well be the likely case especially where the accounts software supplier produces several products of the financial genre.

An example of where such integration could be useful is the crossover between accounts packages and a cash flow or budgeting program. Such a suite would allow a new business to determine how its actual performance compares to that which was forecasted.

Ease of Transportation

The transportation of electronic accounts data usually requires no more than a CD, DVD or memory or flash drive. The capacity of these media would easily allow for the storage of several copies accounting records to be transported in a pocket and bag.

Their carriage through the postal system would also be relatively inexpensive given the size of device which they can be housed in.

Ease of making Backups

Backing up data from within a computerised accounting system is usually a simple step-by-step process. The records are normally compressed to save disk space and the location for storage can be determined on an ad-hoc basis according to the user’s preferences.

Some accounts programs may actually remind and prompt the user to make regular backups, thereby making the task ever easier. Safeguarding data either on the computer itself or externally can provide the business with a library of backed up records ready for instant retrieval should they be required.

Manual records, on the other hand, would need time-consuming photocopying each time entries are made in order for them to be backed up. This has the disadvantage of cost and time and then transporting and storage of the books in a safe and secure location.

Security of Data

Accounting records represent highly sensitive information to the business and securing them should be a high priority for every business. There are several levels of security which can be invoked when dealing with computer based bookkeeping packages. These include distinct and complex usernames and passwords to both the computer system and then also to the accounts package.

Furthermore, access to these computer and the accountancy programs can usually be tiered so that certain users have restricted instead of full and absolute functionality.

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