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Polaris World


Website Name: Polaris World 
Website URL: 
Name: Jack 
City: London, UK

What is your website / business about?

Polaris provides world luxury Spanish property from €89,000 and has been featured on television. The business involves following up leads generated by our sales office, contacting clients and sending them information on the properties. We would often send photographs and price lists, and floor plans and any other specific information that was requested.

Tell us about the development of your business and website. Where the idea came from, how long did it take and so on?

There are currently 7 resorts in the region of Murcia, with 9 Jack Nicklaus standard golf courses available to the property owners to use. We started the business by developing a web site with the help of a local web site designers.

They helped us predominantly with photographs and the layout of the web site. We provided the content which required extensive research to the areas, its history and the plans for its future.

Gradually, the website began to take shape and we could begin to see how we could promote the different properties and differentiate them from each other.
What are the most rewarding aspects about your business / website and do you think it was worth the effort?

The most rewarding aspects of starting this business were to see how an idea can become a reality. It was always difficult to believe that the business would actually get off the ground, yet alone be as successful as it has been.

We would advise anyone that self belief, determination and hard work can go along way in helping you achieve your business start-up goals. There were plenty of times we thought that we would not make it to launch. There were problems of every description and sometimes the best thing to do is to take a day or two off work and recuperate.

Any other information you want to tell us about your business.

Like most start-up businesses these days, we are relying heavily on obtaining good natural listings in search engines so that many more people have a chance to see what we are offering.

If that works well for us, then we hope to extend both the number of site and properties which we can offer.

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